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a little about premium transportation

We are a family owned and operated LTL & truckload carrier specializing in personalized service to and from the U.S.

Our equipment consists of late model tractors all equipped with cellular phones for constant communication with our drivers. Our trailers are temperature controlled to maintain a wide range of environments. Temperatures vary all the way from a high of 80 degrees F to a low of minus 20 F.

Premium Transportation was accepted by US Department of Homeland Security as a CTPAT certified carrier in 2008. CTPAT is a system designed by the United States as a means to ensure that the integrity and security of goods transported from Canada to the US are kept at the highest level throughout the supply chain. In order to obtain CTPAT certification, Premium Transportation successfully completed an onsite audit by US Department of Homeland Security. We are proud to be a part of this exclusive group of carriers and strive to ensure that your shipments successfully enter the US with the highest level of security.

Premium Transportation has enjoyed many long-term business relationships that have been built on reliability, cost effectiveness and the extra team effort required to provide superior customer satisfaction.

In today's world of multi-tasking, the importance for the customer to be able to speak directly to dispatch or customer service on the first call without having to go through voicemail is vital. This is one of many services we provide for you.

In a constantly changing market-place, on time delivery is essential. We have listened to your needs and will continue to accommodate your requirements to provide maximum quality service and shipping solutions.